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Cassandra is a general purpose, business intelligence tool with advanced Decision Support (DSS) capabilities that includes forecasting, reporting & analytical processing facilities for endusers. Cassandra has been developed with the dexterity of proper information storage in large quantity and effective pattern generation..

This has been developed as a tool for answering real business questions in the terms that businesses find most useful. While most database reporting and query tools can do an adequate job of formulating simple queries and reports, they often fall short in their ability to produce the meaningful and sophisticated business metrics and ratios that can be extracted from large and complex database..

  • Transparent access to relational data warehouses and legacy system data
  • Fully graphical environment
  • Multi dimensional conceptual view
  • Automatic multi query facility for assembling complex reports
  • Facilities to forecast
  • Data security by cryptography
  • Multi layer password
  • Library of sequential functions
  • Saving and retrieval of reports
  • Briefings via both LANs and E-mail to deliver business intelligence throughout the enterprise
  • Facility to drill down and drill up
  • Strategic decision support for the Management
  • Trend analysis and forecasting
  • Graphical visualization
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Better Strategic Information
  • Better Financial Information
  • Increased Customer Service
  • Increased manufacturing and operating efficiency
  • Stability in Planning
  • Better Marketing Information
  • Better Operation Information
  • Better allocation of scarce resources
  • Higher Productivity
  • Increased Profitability
  • Increased Return-on-Investment
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