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Garline is an online order tracking system for the Garment Buying Agencies. Garline publishes the processing status of the order in various factory locations graphically. The system tracks the production at all stages – knitting, dyeing, cutting, stitching, packing & ironing of the Garment production in different location, helping in tracking the production capacity of each and every unit.

  • Tracking of the Garment production in different locations is made online.
  • Production status of each and every order is tracked separately.
  • Production status is published in a graphical format.
  • The user can frame the stages in the order and its flow.
  • Cumulative stage of the order, unit wise stage and the task wise stage of the order can be tracked.
  • Preparation of order status report is done automatically.
  • Order status can be viewed numerically as well as graphically without any paper work.
  • Production happening in different locations can be monitored sitting in one place.
  • Monitoring the actual production with the production capacity of the unit.
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