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Smaple SMS is a SMS engine, which will send automated SMS from the system through a GSM/GPRS Modem. Smaple SMS is also capable of receiving the incoming SMS and store it in the system. Smaple SMS is a SMS engine which can be plugged with any business applications for providing SMS alerts. Smaple SMS is also equipped in taking the response back from the Mobile user through SMS.

Smaple SMS is a Windows Service Application which will be configured to interact with the GSM/GPRS Modem (which has got a SIM Card into it). Any ERP/CRM/Office Automation System can be configured to work with Smaple SMS. Once it is configured with any backend system, depends on the business logic, the Outgoing Message needs to be stored in a table on the same database for Smaple SMS to pick and send. Similarly when there is an incoming message for the number (The SIM card of the number inserted in the GSM/GPRS modem) will be stored on a table in the same database and the business logic can be written based on the functional requirement using this message.

In your Intranet application, if there is a functionality of getting approval for the leave application is enabled with email, then using Smaple SMS this can be upgraded to get the approval through SMS in Mobile. As Mobile is a more closer means than Email, the approval process will be faster in this case.

As soon as an employee applies for the leave in the intranet system (Application can also be accepted from mobile by typing LEAVE "Comments"), his Manager will get a message about the leave request and the Manager can approve or reject by sending a reply message by typing ACCEPT "Comments" for approval or by typing REJECT "Comments" for rejecting. This information can be passed on to the employee on his mobile.

Using Smaple SMS you can enable your Privileged Customers to check the status of the stock availability of the product - which is available as a data in your ERP System. Your Customer can send a message STOCK "Item Code" to your SMS Engine (Mobile number of the SIM Card inserted in the GSM Modem) and Smaple SMS will read it and put the message inside the ERP database - Your ERP database can be configured to process the message and write the relevant information in a table in the ERP database for Smaple SMS to pick and send it to the customer. The customer will get a reply back saying Available quantity: 50 Nos

By this means you are giving the access of vital information to your Customer without giving him the access of the sensitive ERP application and in a easier and convenient means for the customer (SMS).

Using Smaple SMS you can enable your ERP System to send an alert to the Purchase Manager whenever the stock of the product drops below the re-order level. If there is an item's stock drops below re-order level, then the Purchase Manager will get a SMS saying Item 2056 - 100 Ml Bottle Cap - Stock is reduced below 10 nos. Please Order. though the Purchase Manager is in vacation. By this means the important information from your Back end System will be passed on to the responsible person though they are offline from the system.

When your Sales executive on road wants to pull contact information from your CRM System, then Smaple SMS can be configured with your CRM System to do so. Sending a Message PHONE "ABC Corporation" to the SMS Engine (Mobile number of the SIM Card inserted in the GSM Modem) will search for the Phone number of ABC Corporation in your CRM System and send a reply with the Phone number of the corresponding Company.

The Pre-requisite for running Smaple SMS are as follows

  • Windows Operating System (XP/2000/2003)
  • Tri-Band GSM Modem (SIM Card capable of Sending1 and Receiving SMS)
  • SQL Server for Storing the Outgoing & Incoming Messages (Backend Application – ERP/CRM/Office Automation Software can be on any database)
  • 1 The normal SMS Charges will be incurred on all outgoing Messages.


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